Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nuevas noticias!-New News!

Dear Friends, Romans, Citizens: Looks like Facebook has banned me without any explanation.My account and about ten years of work had dissapeared in the web's ether. I still don't know if is is for life or just for a couple of days. But it doesn't matter. From now on I will use Blogger to continue posting my work on a daily basis. Please visit assiduously and make sure you leave comments and don't forget to tell your friends. That'll be a way of keeping in touch...All the best!

Bueno, muchachos! Por razones que ignoro parece ser que Facebook me borro la cuenta. No se si por el resto de la vida o solo por unos dias..Y bue...Que le vachaché! Ahora voy a empezar a bloggear desde aqui asiduamente...De manera diaria dicho en criollo. Estan todos invitados a visitarme y por favor, escriban comentarios y avisenle a los amigos. Seguiremos en contacto..Un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo.


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